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Miscellaneous responses to texts of Activity 1

Item + commentLink issues
Panadol: package or picture? Can't get product --> so me products are information productsWhat are we linking to? Needs clear purpose to make sense of linking to it
Magazine: why image not text? Images are not efficient. Magazine looks "natural" but actually real like Panadol package! Treatment of keywords like "hyperlinks"Use text for links. Magazine format seems natural. People know highlight and links, scan documents. Pic is linked to text loosely, like magazine
"Darkness". Lost artefact-ness. But note old-fashioned look; through punctuation but can be 100% implemented. Chunking: still works? No pics, too wide, looks boring, not web mediaText obscures distinction between information and object: which one are we linking to? Text will be easy to link to.
Personal letter. Utterly transformed by handwriting. Not for publication. Would need clear context for linking. How to link to it other than as artefact?
Typed letter. Cannot be published. Would make useful part of private, local document network. Especially linking the obscured parts!
Sounds. Go with dictionary, but which ones? One sound is not in dictionary!How to link sounds? How to link from sounds? Problems with directionality and ownership of links.
Kamilaroi dictionary. Rational hypertext. "Centripetal hypertext". More of the underlying document is links and format than content. Links use prior literacies.
Newspaper. Ephemeral content. Like dictionary, link-rich and "centripetal".It's their links that count. We have to identify stable parts to link to.
Gould page. Out of context? Note he refers to readers' act of reading.We could link to this but not complete without knowing its source.
Dead Man CD. Copyright issues abound. If we link to this what expectations do we have to set up? What if the CD publisher displays advertisements? Song list would make good link text.
TinTin dictionary. Dictionaries are hypertexts. Could link to Panadol but the actual word "headache" does not appear on the package.
Tax reform page.Linked material directly embedded. Label is like link text, here, added for credibility. The link is the point, the content.
Shorthand dictionary. You can link to it, but difficult except in terms of the glosses. Chunked text like this is good link target. Non-alphabetic text must be recognised, not matched.
A Dictionary of Language. Note that the 2 pages are adjacent in the book, but if on-screen and linked there is no sense of physical proximity. In the book there is no explicit link.Cannot presume the information that spatial adjacency gives. More link support (annotation, rationality, transparency) required.