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Class 4: New media: code, computer, and community

Summary | Readings
  1. The WWW as a social phenomenon
  2. Identity
  3. Tools
  4. A new paradigm for research and publishing: raising the levels of exposure, collaboration, and accountability - see www.ldc.upenn.edu/exploration

Reading items for this class

1Business Week. October 4, 1999. "Activists without borders." Pete Engardio
7McLuhan, E. & Zingrone, F. (eds) 1995. Essential McLuhan. New York: Basic BooksCh 14 A McLuhan Sourcebook 270-296
12Scientific American. March 1997. "Filtering information on the internet." Paul Resnick
13Scientific American. March 1997. "Interfaces for searching the web." Marti A. Hearst
14Spender, D. 1995. Nattering on the net: women, power, and cyberspace. North Melbourne: Spinifex.Ch 7 Women, power and cyberspace 161-247
15Wired 5.03 (March 1997) "The World According to Eco."Interview of Umberto Eco by Lee Marshallp 145-149, 194-5
-Linguistic Exploration (Stephen Bird)www.ldc.upenn.edu/exploration
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