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July 2007
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Web sites

I have created and/or maintained the following sites:

Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project
One of the world's largest projects in support of endangered languages

Karaim Multidictionary: Karaim to Russian
Karaim to Russian worldlist, searchable in both languages. Created by Éva Csató & David Nathan

London Confucius Institute
Organisation for the promotion and teaching of Mandarin Chinese. I was contracted to design and maintain this site

Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi Web Dictionary
Dictionary of the Australian language Kamilaroi, produced in collaboration with Peter Austin. This is the new version of the first true hypertext web dictionary ever published

World Wide Web Virtual Library : Australian Indigenous languages
Creator and editor. Current access rate: around 100,000 per month. The Virtual Library is the World Wide Web Consortium's officially recognised network of authoritative and quality web resources

The Turkish Suffix Dictionary
Interactive dictionary of the nominal suffixes of Turkish. Shows the main suffixes viewed in their written, abstract, or functional forms, with examples. Created in collaboration with Éva Á. Csató

AIATSIS website
Foundation web editor; site conception, content development, markup, maintenance, indexing software etc etc (1996-7). Oversaw AIATSIS' first million hits!

FATSIL (Federation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages)
I was contracted to create this website based on materials supplied by FATSIL. Together with FATSIL's Faith Baisden, I continued to maintain it until 2003.

Language of the Month Series: Gumbaynggir | Wangatha | Guugu Yimithirr | Ngiyampaa | Warumungu | Gunggari | Ngarrindjeri | Yorta Yorta | Tasmanian | Bunuba | Noongar | Wardaman | Miriam Mir & Kala Lagaw Ya | Narrungga
A series of original contributions about languages written by Indigenous contributors, and produced in collaboration with the Federation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages

Warrungu Interactive Concordance
An interactive concordance for a short text in Warrungu (Queensland, Australia), produced in collaboration with Tasaku Tsunoda. Includes sounds.

Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive (ASEDA)
Catalogue of AIATSIS holdings of electronic files about Australian Indigenous languages. Computer-generated web pages produced by my eMU software

Spoken Karaim CD web site
Documenting a multimedia CD project, with Éva Á. Csató

Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre
Promotion and information site for national Aboriginal leadership project. I created the original site (which was part of AIATSIS' website) together with Margaret Cranney of AIATSIS, and continued to maintain it for some time.

Hypertext Course
Notes and resources for course taught at the Australian Linguistic Institute, Melbourne, July 2000

Selected papers (to be updated soon):

Endangered languages documentation: from standardization to mobilization
Paper presented at Digital resources for the Humanities 2003. University of Gloucestershire, September 2003.

Plugging in Indigenous knowledge
A paper delivered to the 1997 Fulbright Symposium on Indigenous People in an Interconnected World. Published as "Plugging in Indigenous knowledge - connections and innovations", in Australian Aboriginal Studies 2000:2, pp 39-47
(older version at University of Iowa)

The Spoken Karaim CD: Sound, Text, Lexicon and Active Morphology for Language Learning Multimedia
Published in Goksel, Asli & Celia Kerslake (eds.) 2000. Studies on Turkish and Turkic Languages. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz

Language support with I.T.: not a high wire act
Paper presented at Learning IT Together, Brisbane, April 1999. This paper argues that IT should be used with care in language maintenance and revival situations because they are already so fraught with so many difficulties: nevertheless, the opportunities are great.

Hypertext and the dictionary game
An otherwise unpublished paper about the limited mechanisms for recognising quality of resources on the web, with suggestions for understanding how quality is achieved in a hypertext system with reference to dictionaries.

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