Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay Dictionary
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© 1995, 1998 Peter Austin & David Nathan

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The original Gamilaraay dictionary was produced with the collaboration of the following Kamilaroi people, some of who have since passed away:

Mary Brown, Burt Draper, Hanna Duncan
Ron McIntosh, Florence Munro, Grace Munro
Leila Orcher, Arthur Pitt, and Bill Reid.

For other helpful sources see the Preface and the Bibliography

The dictionary originally appeared as a more comprehensive, book version, written by Peter Austin. To purchase the book, or send comments, see the MAILBOX .

This Web version was produced by David Nathan. David would like to thank Peter Austin for his collaboration and allowing adaptation of his work, and Norman Lee, William Smith, Judy Knox and colleagues, Denise French and her Moree TAFE class, Matthew Ciolek, David Nash, Kim McKenzie, and Nancy Frishberg for their support and comments.