Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay Dictionary
How this dictionary was made

This dictionary is a hypertext document - that is, it contains many links that you can activate by clicking on underlined words or phrases. Most of these activate cross references to words with related meanings (see How to use the Gamilaraay Dictionary for an example).

To create the large amount of links in this hypertext dictionary, we have almost entirely computer generated them. The dictionary formatting is also computer-generated. The source data is stored in an unordered relational database. Our specialised software selects, sorts, and streams information out of the database, while at the same time adding HTML markup using flexible translation tables.

Because the dictionary is split into several files, each holding one or more lettergroups, the software also splits the information into separate files, and generates names for these files so that the hypertext links can work.

This dictionary uses 'pure' HTML - the markup is a logical description of the structure and functions of a dictionary. The markup describes lists of headwords (a list for for each lettergroup), each of which contains a list of definitions. Each definition may in turn contain another list - the subentries for that sense (whose definitions are another embedded list). Other markup corresponds to conventional dictionary typography:

Extensive cross-linking, especially across many files, is effective using an architecture of this kind. The links are guaranteed to have targets because the relational source data also stores cross-references as real symmetrical links, not text strings.

Revisions to the dictionary

  1. Shortly after its launch, we added a computer-generated finderlist (reverse dictionary) that further illustrates the value of automated markup producing densely cross- referencing documents.
  2. In 1996 a thesaurus-style index was made available from Peter Austin's mirror version version at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  3. In February 1998 a frames version was added and the various versions consolidated

Browser compatibility

We have used some features of especially tables and frames, to make this dictionary attractive and easy to navigate. It should work fine within versions 3 or later of Netscape or Internet Explorer. If you are not able to view it properly, please email David Nathan.

For further information, or to send your feedback, contact djn@aa.tufs.ac.jp