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Gupapuyngu [guf]
Source: ARDS
A range of dictionaries for several Yol?u languages; also specialised English-Yol?u anatomy and legal dictionaries.
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Source: Glottolog
Glottolog’s resource page for Gupapuyngu, a Yolngu language of NT. The page shows Gupapuyngu’s location on a map, its place within its language family, and a large number of references for the language (most are harvested from bibliographic sources and the items are not necessarily online). See also the main Glottolog page.
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Source: Yolngu people / Yasunori Hayashi
Site with a range of information about Yolngu culture, language, placenames, and about 30 songs. The whole site may be viewed in Yolngu matha, English, or Japanese. Note: the media may require browser plugins.
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