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Walmajarri [wmt]
Source: Patrick McConvell, Jane Simpson, Gillian Wigglesworth
Research following 5-10 children and their families in 3 communities from 2004-2007, to study the language input children receive in multilingual environments. Languages include Gurindji, Kriol, Walmajarri, Warlpiri and Warramungu. See also the second phase of the project which focuses on language issues when children enter the formal school system.
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Source: AuSIL / Various
Web and downloadable dictionaries for Burarra, Bilinarra, Djinang, Gurindji, Iwaidja, Kriol, Martu Wangka, Maung, Tiwi, Walmajarri, Warlpiri and Wik Mungkan. The page also has links to over 90 linguistic and other language-related articles.
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Source: Clifton Jungurrayi Bieundurry
In this film, Clifton Jungurrayi Bieundurry, Walmajarri artist from Wangkajungka, shows and explain some handsigns used by his people.
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Source: Summer Institute of Linguistics (AuSIL)
Bible texts for 14 languages. These are provided by the Summer Institute of Linguistics (in Australia branded as AuSIL) as a "ministry tool" but made openly accessible. Includes text, audio (note, some spoken by non-Aboriginal persons), concordances, and downloadable software.
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Source: Jane Simpson
A research article on the dynamics of language change as evidenced by the languages spoken by and heard by children in four Aboriginal communities in WA and NT. Many Aboriginal children grow up in language landscapes that are undergoing rapid change - languages are declining but also changing, and new languages are being created.
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Source: Jesse Moora / Eirlys Richards / Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman / Marsha Cook / Chantelle Berringal
In this video Jesse explains in Walmajarri about how she used to catch and cook jarrampa (fresh water prawns).
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Source: Eirlys Richards and Joyce Hudson
Dictionary based on the Walmajarri-English dictionary compiled from materials Eirlys Richards and Joyce Hudson gathered in and around Fitzroy Crossing between 1967 and 1984.
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