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Sydney language [aus-x-syq]
Source: Australian National Dictionary Centre
Background information and list of words taken from Australian languages (including the Sydney language, Kamilaroi and others) into English and many other languages.
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Source: City of Ryde
Various historical evidence and perspectives on the life of Woollarawarre Bennelong. This page has a range of words used by the Port Jackson people (called here ‘Eora’, or ‘Darug-Eora’) - some are names of people, others are words from the language(s).
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Source: Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR), SOAS
William Dawes' notebooks of 1790-91 on the Sydney language (also known as Dharuk or Eora). High quality images; new interactive transcription with pop-up notes and concordance. Also includes information on Patyegarang, bibliography and links to other Sydney language resources, teaching programs, and audio in Dharug from Richard Green.
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Source: Richard Green
Richard, a teacher of Dharuk at Chifley College in Sydney, tells a story in Dharuk about the loss of country; and in English and Dharuk about the name of the language.
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