gaa-gi vt
  • a. to take, eg. Nhama bandaarr gaawaan walaaygu. 'They are taking the kangaroo to the camp'
  • b. to bring, eg. Thaay gaanga nhama bandaarr nganha. 'Bring that kangaroo to me!'
  • c. to carry, eg. Bandaarr bulaarr marithu gaawaan. 'Two men carry the kangaroo.'
  • see also wamba-li

gaalan n

gaarra-y vt
  • to paint, *recon

gaarruma-li vt
  • to steal, eg. Ngayabala yilalu gaarrumali 'I'll steal that myself later', Marithu thuwarr nhama ngay gaarrumay 'That man stole my bread'

gaawi-li vi
  • to vomit

gaawul n
  • a. lagoon, *recon
  • b. creek, *recon

gaay n
  • child, *son or daughter
  • see also baaman

gaayili n

gaayindjuul adj

gaayinggal n
  • baby

gaayinmara n

gaba n

gabanbaa n
  • light (in weight), *recon

gabi n
  • male marriage class, Ethn. marries yibatha, children are gambu (male) and buuthaa (female)
  • see also gambu , marrii , yibaay

gabinya n
  • boy, eg. Gabinya yarraangu galiyaawaan. 'The boy is climbing the gum tree'
  • see also birray

gabiyan n

gabugaan n
  • hat, eg. Gabugaan ngay bundaanhi 'My hat has fallen off'
  • see also gabundi

gabundi n

gabutha n
  • female marriage class, Ethn. marries yibaay, children are marrii (male) and matha (female)
  • see also buuthaa , matha , yibatha

gaga-li vi
  • a. to call out, *recon
  • b. to shout, *recon

gagil n
  • bad, no good, eg. Nhangana nhama gagil 'This shoe is bad', Nhama marithu gagil buruma ganmalda 'The man is holding the bad dog'

galalu n

galamaay n
  • brother, Ethn. general term used for younger or older brothers, *Tindale and Laves recorded this form for Namoi and Upper Barwon dialects, eg. Galamaaythu wii garralda 'My brother is cutting firewood'.
  • see also thagaan , thaya

galariin n
  • acacia blossums, *flowers of coolibah tree
  • galariin-baraay n
    • having acacia blossums, *as in the place name 'Collarenebri'

galayaa n
  • big words, eg. Ngali galayaa guwaalda 'we are speaking big words'

gali n

galinggalii n
  • intestines of sheep, Ethn. highly prized as food

galiyaa-y vi
  • to climb, eg. Gabinya yarraangu galiyaawaan. 'The boy is climbing the gum tree', Gabinya muthaygu galiyaawaan. 'The boy is climbing for possums'

galuuba n
  • native clover, *possibly loan from English 'clover'

gama-li vt
  • to break, *recon

gambaal n

gambu n
  • male marriage class, Ethn. marries matha, children are gabi (male) and gabutha (female)
  • see also gabi , marrii , yibaay

gamil int

gamil part
  • not, eg. Gamil ngaya gamilaraay guwaalda 'I do not speak Gamilaraay', Gamil ngaya nginu buruma bumaay 'I did not hit your dog'
  • gamil-araay n
    • language name, tribal name, *literally 'having not', eg. Gamilaraay nginda guwaalda 'You are speaking Gamilaraay'

gamila part
  • cannot

gana n
  • liver, *recon

ganaay n
  • 1. digging stick, Ethn. stick is pointed at one end and used for digging up sand goannas and other game
  • 2. shallow

gandawa-li vt
  • to cover, *recon

gandjibal n
  • policeman, *loan from English 'constable'

ganma-li vt
  • a. to hold, eg. Ganmala nhama buruma 'Hold on to the dog!', Nhama marithu gagil buruma ganmalda 'The man is holding the bad dog'
  • b. to catch, eg. Guya ganmali marigu 'The men are catching fish', Mari yanawaan bagaaygu guya ganmali 'The men are going to the river to catch fish'

ganu n

garaarr n
  • grass, eg. Nhama garaarr thimbagu thalda. 'The sheep is eating the grass'.

garaay n
  • 1. sand
  • 2. nits of louse

garay n
  • sandalwood tree, Ethn. smoke is used to keep spirits away; the bark is boiled and drunk as medicine

gari n
  • word, eg. Burrulaa nhama mari gari guwaalda 'Many people are talking'

garra-li vt
  • to cut, eg. Galamaaythu wii garralda 'My brother is cutting firewood', Nginda nhama wii garrala wiigu. 'You cut the firewood for the fire!'

garrangay n
  • black duck

garri-y vi
  • to stop doing, to cease, eg. Garriya nhama ngay nhaayiba gaanga 'Don't take my knife!'

garriil n
  • cold, eg. Ngaya garriil nhama 'I am cold'
  • see also bularri

garril n
  • leaf, *recon
  • see also buu

garrimaay n
  • a. father's mother, *Tindale recorded this form in the Namoi River dialect.
  • see also mamaay
  • b. wife's mother, mother-in-law, Ethn. an avoided relation. Reay (1945:310) says "until about 1895 a man wishing to speak to his mother-in-law could go part of the way to her camp and then turn back. He could then address her by shouting in the direction in which he was facing, and he had to speak loudly in order that all his wife's relatives could hear what he was saying", *Tindale and Laves recorded this form in the Barwon River dialect. Tindale notes that a step-sister of mother's brother's wife is also garrimaay
  • see also buyal , garruu

garrugaan n

garruu n

gathabal int
  • wonderful!, *recon

gawarrawarr n
  • green (of grass)

gawu n
  • egg

gawugaa n
  • a. head
  • b. hair of head

gaygay n
  • cat fish

gi-gi vi
  • to be, eg. yuulngin ngaya ginyi 'I am hungry'

gibayilanthi adv
  • formerly, *recon

gidjirrigaa n
  • budgerigar, Melopsittacus undulatus [Cp422]

giguwi-y vi
  • to sneeze, *recon

gii n
  • heart

giidjaa n

giili n
  • urine

giili-y vi
  • to urinate

giinbal n
  • scale (of fish)

giirr part
  • certainly, *recon

giirray n
  • crayfish

gilaa n
  • galah, Cacatua roseicapilla [Cp370]

gilay n

gima n
  • marsupial mouse, *recon

gimiyandi adv
  • yesterday, *recon

gimubi-li vt

ginbaay n

gindama-y vi
  • to laugh

gindjurra n
  • frog

girran n
  • ashes

giwiirr n
  • Aboriginal man, *recon
  • see also mari

giyal n
  • a. afraid, *recon
  • b. frightened, *recon
  • cog. YY

giyan n
  • centipede, *recon

gubi-y vi
  • to swim, eg. Guya nhama gubiyaan 'The fish is swimming', Gaayili gubilaay bagaaytha 'The children are swimming in the river'

gubiyaay n
  • type of yam, Ethn. type of sweet potato; grows on the ground and has the appearance of white melon. It is eaten raw and not cooked
  • see also milaan , nhaal

gubuRa n
  • initiated youth, *recon
  • see also birray

gubuthu n
  • dove, *recon

guda n
  • koala, native bear, *recon

guduu n
  • cod fish, Ethn. KK says "rolled in mud, cooked in fire and covered with coals until mud hardened. When cooked, mud was peeled off to separate flesh from scales and gut" (Kneale 1984:25)

gugurrgaagaa n
  • kookaburra

gula-li vi
  • to bark

gulay n
  • a. string bag, Ethn. used for carrying children on the back
  • b. fishing net

gulbirr n
  • some

gulibaa n

guliirr n
  • a. wife
  • b. husband
  • cog. YY

guliyaali n
  • pelican, Pelecanus conspicillatus [Cp4], Ethn. a totem

gulubaa n
  • coolibah tree, Ethn. KK says "leaves boiled in water and sweetened with honey; liquid drunk to relieve colds and whooping cough" (Kneale 1984:21) , *KK gives scientific name as "Eucalyptus microtheca"

gulurr n
  • waist, *recon

guluu n

guluulga-y vi

gumay n
  • lip, *recon

gumbiRi n
  • brain, *recon

gumi n
  • type of berry, Ethn. small wild cucumber, size of an apricot or smaller

gumuuma n
  • small lizard, Ethn. same colour as blue-tongue lizard

guna n

gunaba n
  • initiation ground, Ethn. Mathews states it is the small ring 47 feet in diameter , *recon
  • see also buurru , thanbarran

gunagala n
  • sky, *recon

gunambaay n
  • wood duck, *recon

gunayilaa n
  • plain

gundal n
  • bread, eg. Mari gundal nhama thalda 'The man eats the bread'
  • see also mantha , thuwarr

gunguRima n
  • halo around moon, *recon

guni n
  • 1. mother, Ethn. marries bubaa, *Tindale recorded this term for Namoi River dialect. Ridley (1875:18) says that children call out to their their mother gu:ni:! or gunidi:! (perhaps a vocative form)
  • see also ngambaa
  • 2. native bee, *recon
  • see also guniinii

guniinii n
  • queen bee, *recon
  • see also guni

gunithaa n
  • orphan, *also the town Gunnedah

gunithirrba n
  • a. thumb, *recon
  • b. big toe, *recon

gunthi n
  • house, eg. Nhama gunthitha ngarrili 'He is sitting in the house'

gunugunu n
  • cough, *recon

guRa n
  • spider, *recon

guraarr n
  • a. long
  • b. tall

gurabi n

guri n
  • type of tree, *possibly Brazil Cherry

guRiya n

gurraagaa n
  • crane

gurruu n
  • deep, *recon

guru n
  • bandicoot, *recon

guthurru n
  • nullanulla, small club
  • see also bundi

guthuwa-li vt
  • to burn, eg. Wii nhama guthuwaan yurrula. 'A fire is burning in the scrub'.

guurrman n
  • leech

guwa n
  • fog, *recon

guwaa n
  • hornet, *recon

guwaa-li vi
  • a. to speak, eg. Gamilaraay nginda guwaalda 'You are speaking Gamilaraay', Ngali galayaa guwaalda 'We are speaking big words'
  • b. to talk, eg. Minyanda guwaaldanha 'What are you talking about?'

guway n
  • blood

guwiya-gi vt
  • to cook, eg. Giirr guwiyaanhi nhama muthay 'The possum is already cooked'

guya n
  • fish, eg. Guya nhama gubiyaan 'The fish is swimming', Mari yanawaan bagaaygu guya ganmali 'The men are going to the river to catch fish'

guyinbaa adv
  • near, *recon