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About the Turkish Suffix Dictionary

The Turkish Suffix Dictionary © 2003 Éva Á. Csató & David Nathan

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The Turkish Suffix Dictionary is aimed at helping students who are learning Turkish as a second or foreign language. The large number of Turkish inflections and their variants provides a special problem for students. This interactive dictionary helps students identify the correct suffix and find further examples.
The TSD was created by Éva Á. Csató who teaches Turkic languages at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and David Nathan (University of Tsukuba, Japan).


We acknowledge the generous help of Dr. Gerjan van Schaaik.
Thanks to Nilufer Ugur-Dalay of Iznik Tiles, Turkey, for permission to adapt a graphic from a tile design at the Iznik tiles website (http://www.iznik.com/).
Grammatical references are to Geoffrey Lewis' Turkish grammar (2nd ed.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2000. ISBN: 0-19-870036-9.

Turkic languages

For further information on Turkish morphology and Turkic languages, see:
The Turkic Languages Website (www.turkiclanguages.com)


This interactive dictionary uses JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It can be displayed correctly on recent browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera. On older browsers, the dictionary may be usable, but with limitations due to incorrect handling of CSS or incorrect dynamic rendering of characters.

Internet Explorer (vers 6) is the best - it displays correctly and is fast; Opera is fast and only loses some borders; Netscape 7 displays well but is tediously slow; Netscape 4.x is fast but does not display properly, in particular it does not dynamically generate the necessary Turkish characters. However, correct display may also depend on the language settings of your computer and whether scripts are enabled within the browser. See the Help page for further information and to test your browser display.


If you have questions, or suggestions for improving the TSD, please contact us:
Éva Á. Csató eva.csato-johanson@lingfil.uu.se, or David Nathan djn@soas.ac.uk

The Turkish Suffix Dictionary may not be reproduced in whole or in any part whatsoever (including text content and scripts) in electronic or any other form, without written permission from the authors.

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