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Anindilyakwa [aoi] see all Anindilyakwa
Source: Northern Territory Library/others
A flashcard app with 20 everyday words and phrases in Anindilyakwa and English. Also includes video of hand gestures.
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Warlpiri [wbp] see all Warlpiri
Source: PAW Media/Jason Japaljarri Woods/students from Yuendumu School
An animated story book used as a Warlpiri literacy resource for young children at Yuendumu School.
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Yolngu [aus-x-yoq] see all Yolngu
Source: ABC/Alyssa Betts
The community of Galiwin'ku on Elcho Island want to use their language’s spelling system to write street signs and their own names. Their language, Yol?u matha (Yolngu language), has a small number of letters not used in standard English (but which are perfectly available in all writing technologies, since they are part of the International Unicode standard). Community members believe their language is being snubbed and weakened, while the NT Place Names Committee argue that only standard English can be used, despite claiming to support a Dual Naming Policy.
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