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Yorta Yorta [xyy]
Source: Sharon Atkinson and Rochelle Patten
A Yorta Yorta story about the formation of Dhungalla (the name of the Murray River in Yorta Yorta). Spoken in Yorta Yorta and English.
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Source: R.H. Matthews
This 1902 document has grammatical and vocabulary description for some languages of southern Queensland, central NSW, and northern Victoria, including (as Matthews spelt them) Yualeai, Pikumbil, Kawambarai, Kurnu, Tyake (Mystic), Dyirringan, Yota-yota, and Bureba. [PDF 190 pages]
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Source: Arts Victoria/VACL/Authors
A beautifully-produced collection of stories from Aboriginal authors/storytellers from all regions of Victoria - "the first contemporary compilation of Victorian Aboriginal Creation Stories told by Victorian Aboriginal People, and the first to extensively use languages of origin to tell the stories". The text has authentic and innovative mixing of surviving Aboriginal languages and English. the book also includes (p. 8) the VACL map of Victorian languages.
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